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Here are a few of the emails I've received from recent editing clients:

Thank you for your comments on my manuscript. It was wonderful to get some feedback and such constructive criticism. I decided to go down the route of paying for a professional edit because I had been considering self publishing and I really wanted an outside opinion before I committed to this.

— Jane (Malay Garden)

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to the review of Trewyn Bay. I really appreciate it. I can't tell you how helpful it has been. You've given me clarity. I won't trouble you with a call because I can't think of anything you haven't covered in your very detailed notes. It'll be my 'fix-it manual' for the task ahead.

— Claire (Trewyn Bay)

Thank you for your report. Your suggestions were exactly what I needed and you have given me much to think about...! I now feel I have greater clarity and direction on where to go from here. I very much appreciated your candour and insight and wonder if you would be open to a repeat commission when I have finished?

— Andrew

Thank you for your critique and for the work and thought you put into it. I was grateful for the positive things you said about my writing and they were encouraging. Obviously, overall, I felt disappointed that I was making so many mistakes and that you found TRUST to have failed so comprehensively as a novel. However, there were many of the points you made which I can see are valid and ring true. I will use them as a check list and know they will be useful when I write anything else or even try and re-work TRUST.

— Ingrid

Thanks so much for your feedback. As you suggest, I’m going to take a little while to allow it to settle and for my thoughts to clear before discussing anything in detail. Your response to my manuscript is going to be very useful and I am excited about utilising your thoughts and observations- a lot of which rang true- to help develop my writing. I really appreciate the time and energy you have spent on my work and the personable way you delivered your opinions.

— Lorraine

Before I start, I want to say thank you for taking the time and trouble to undertake the ms assessment. I appreciate it was a laborious task! I particularly appreciate that you understood the type of assessment I was seeking – and gave it to me. I’d spent a lot of time on this ms and couldn’t figure out what was wrong so decided to get an assessment to see whether it was worth spending more time improving it or bin it. That decision’s now been made (a case of phew – good to know – now I can move on). A lot of what you said was really helpful and valuable advice, pointing out details I was either clueless about or made me think, OMG that’s right, or OMG, that explains this, that and the other problems I’ve had with this ms.

— Jan

Thank you for your feedback. It is enormously helpful. After an initial period of impotence, I have started to edit and have kept your comments in mind during the process.

— David

Thanks so much for this, I really appreciate it. I'll have a more in-depth read of this over the coming days, but from the initial pass, your comments are both helpful and fair. A lot of the pacing issues for example, I agree 100% with your critique i thought the same especially for the 1st chapter, where I know I do bang on too much about the work environment etc... I considered taking most of it out, but didn't in the end, as I wanted I guess to show a bit of "the life before Elaine" but I'm sure i can do that in a more creative and more importantly condense way.

— Nick

Thank you so much for your report on my novel and all the thought and hard work you put into it. I have to say I laughed out loud at your description of my characters all tied up in a sack, and wrestling to get free! I can already tell you that your advice about me diving into my next novel and having some fun, with the experience of this one under my belt, is just what I wanted to hear!!

— Fee