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This page details my forthcoming events, talks and workshops. Contact me for more information.

Learn to Write Day, Regent's College, London

October 27th 2018

Lecture, jointly with novelist Allie Spencer: How to plot a novel.

Lecture: What blocks us.

I will also be participating in a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Course: Writing Your First Novel, West Dean College, Chichester

January 18th-20th 2019

Intensive weekend course for anyone who is writing a novel, from beginners just starting out (or not even begun) to those who have been writing for years and wish to hone their skills to ready their work for publication. The course will cover all the essentials of novel-writing, including plotting and characterisation, structure and storytelling, style and voice, as well as looking at getting published.

More details and booking on the West Dean website.

Course: How to self-edit your novel: revising and rewriting fiction

May 24th-26th 2019

West Dean College, Chichester

Great rewriting skills are perhaps the most vital tool a writer can possess. During this weekend course we will go through each stage of how to edit a manuscript. We will explore how to identify and correct holes in the story and structure of your novel, how to make sure the pace and point of view are working properly, and how we can fix aspects of characters that may not be fully developed. We will also look at how to edit our own prose style to a high standard. The tutor will describe each of these areas in detail, and provide examples for discussion and practice so you can try out the different editing techniques for yourself. You will also be encouraged to share problems and examples from your own work-in-progress, although this is entirely optional.