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Masterclass: Build a Book.

February 15th 2018 6.30pm

University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, London W1

Lecture "Getting your story premise right" and book surgery discussion. This lecture will look at the central importance for the success of your novel of getting the basic story premise strong enough, and how to go about it. When a novel fails it is just about always because the central premise is not right. I find, in more than 90% of the manuscripts I edit, the story premise is simply not well enough constructed to make the novel a good read. A strong story premise is an absolute sine qua non of successful novel writing. It is the backbone of every novel and, if it's not strong, it simply won't stand up. Find out how to make sure yours is working properly and fix it if it isn't.

Author Jessica Ruston will also be lecturing on building story structure.

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