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I believe that giving you great copy depends on my knowing what you want. I know you want text that leaps off the page to get your message across. You want clear, straightforward words to tell your story – no padding or fancy language. You want copy that's got life and oomph: that makes an impact. You want great copywriting technique. You want to be fascinated, or amused, or tantalised. You want to stand out. You want to see the complex jumble of facts and ideas in your head laid out in flowing, structured prose. You want the tone of your copy to be perfect for your organisation, whether you're a 500-year-old institution or the hottest new night-life spot, or anything in between.

I can write you…

I can help you nail your SEO strategy, plan your campaign, and deliver the prose you want in good time (we all know that late copy might as well be no copy).

More info…

I've got a wide range of specialist areas of knowledge. But if you need me to, I can get up to speed fast in your field. One of my powers as a copywriter is that I find every new field exciting.

Have a look at some of my copywriting experience, and read some recent examples of my work.

Please contact me to discuss my timescales and fees.

Rebecca is always on the top of my list when we are looking for copywriting, script writing or anything to do with words. She is hugely resourceful and adaptable and can throw her considerable talents into any sector, genre or style we task her with. For me that is the secret to Rebecca's success, she doesn't know when to say no because she doesn't have to! She can seemingly do anything she puts her mind to. It's almost a matter of personal pride that I will one day find a writing job that she can't do!

— Steve Garratt, The Giggle Group, production company